Image from the Textbroke Campaign CFS Manitoba put on

The constantly growing price of textbooks have become yet another financial barrier for students accessing post-secondary education. In 2017 Macleans magazine listed both the University of Brandon and University of Manitoba as being within the top ten most expensive schools in the country for textbook costs; students in Brandon actually paid the most nationally that year with an average yearly price tag of $920.64.

Even worse, new editions are frequently released to prevent the resale of used texts and forcing students to decide between having the most up to date sources or going further in debt.  It’s time for students to work with our faculties and administrations to develop more Open Education Resources (OER) and create accessible digital platforms for students to utilize them free of charge as is already happening in other parts of Canada.

Image of books hanging from string with purple gradient
Image of a student holding out a credit card
Image of a student in front of a large bookshelf
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