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Alexandra Koslock (She/Her)

Alexandra lives on Treaty 1 Territory, and is a settler of Middle Eastern/European ancestry. She is the second generation of two closed case adoptions which has shaped her identity, and challenges her to constantly reflect on the implications of government policy. Alexandra is a helper and advocate in the community with experience in grassroots and community organizing, post-secondary politics, and working as an intern in government. She is a graduate of International Development and Urban and Inner City Studies from the University of Winnipeg where she sat on the MSCSA and UWSA boards. Alexandra is the former Treasurer of the Federation for the 2020-2021 term and is excited to return for a second year as the Chairperson.

Alexandra acknowledges that challenges faced by students continue to be compounded due to the pandemic, and she fully commits to empowering their voices through advocacy, campaigns, and events. Alexandra is excited to work in collaboration with students, local representatives, commissioners, and the broader community to champion a post-secondary experience that is accessible, affordable, and representative of all current and aspiring students.

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Sanjam Panag (She/Her)
Deputy Chairperson

Sanjam Panag is a first generation Punjabi settler living on Treaty 1 territory. She will be graduating in June 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Conflict Resolution Studies with a concentration in Political science. Over the past four years, she has actively been involved in various student groups on campus and in the community. Throughout her undergraduate degree, she collaborated with Indigenous community leaders and allies to raise awareness through a community-led commemorative piece to honour the lives and legacies of MMIWG2S+. Sanjam is interested in forging transformative responses to multi-dimensional conflicts and is excited to be a part of an inclusive student movement.

Sanjam values uplifting and empowering the voices of youth and believes in enabling young people to engage meaningfully in various capacities, especially in the student movement. As Deputy Chairperson, Sanjam is committed to contributing to the student movement in the province and advocating for equity in the education system.
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Marie Paule Ehoussou (She/Her)

Marie Paule is an international student from Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa) who I’ve been involved with the student movement throughout her whole student life and is very familiar with this atmosphere. She studies International trade and psychology at Université de Saint-Boniface where she is also the President of the student union. She is also the international student commissioner at CFSMB, and I’ve been involved with the CFS since 2019. She is devoted to international student’s causes and is always fighting for their rights to be heard, especially in those hard times. Her fav topics to discuss are fairness for international students, health, tuition, and fees.

Meet Your 2021-2022
Provincial Executive Representatives!

Local 08 – UWSA Representative:
Jonathan Henderson

Local 37 – BUSU Representative:
Olufunke Sophia Adeleye

Local 38 – AEUSB Representative:
Simon Boily

Local 96 – UMGSA Representative:

Local 103 – UMSU Representative:
Brendan Scott

Circle of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students’ Co-Commissioners:
Carlie Kane and Justin Langan, Local 103

Circle Women’s, Two-Sprit, Trans, Non-Binary Students’ Commissioner:
Deanna Garand, Local 103

Black Students’ Co-Commissioners:
Larissa Ngara, Local 103 and Fortune Eboh, Local 08

Francophone Students’ Commissioner:
Sandrine Djark, Local 38

Graduate Students’ Commissioner:
Dane Monkman, Local 96

International Students’ Commissioner:
Alexia Walters, Local 37

Part-Time and Mature Students’ Commissioner:
Rory Ellis, Local 08

Queer Students’ Commissioner:
Emily Green, Local 103

Racialized Students’ Co-Commissioners:
Karla Atanacio and Mon Francis Obtial, Local 08

Womens’ Co-Commissioners:
Francisca Idigbe and Berrigan Miller Harms, Local 08

The following Commissioners positions are open for the 2021-2022 academic year. Contact if you are interested in becoming appointed to any of the following positions on the CFSMB Provincial Executive:

  • 2Spirit + Trans Commissioner
  • Disability Justice Commissioner


Campaigns Coordinator: Judith Oviosun

Manitoba Organizer: Elizabeth Shearer

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